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Crist is MB Realty's top-selling agent (2013-2014). He is both a licensed auctioneer and a licensed real estate agent with McCumbers-Brady Realty Group, so he is uniquely qualified to provide either conventional real estate sales or auctions of real estate and/or its chattel. Crist has been involved in auctions for 35 years, and has been a licensed auctioneer since 2009 in five states.  

Crist and his family raise white-tail deer on his small farm in Parkman, Ohio. Breeders often hire Crist to auction off their deer, horses and other livestock. Crist's wife and two daughters assist him as cashiers and a clerk. 

"Auctioning real estate should not be considered as a last resort," Crist says. Sellers tend to think they won't get full value from an auction sale, but Crist believes otherwise. Often, sellers come away with more cash than expected. They also appreciate the speed of an auction process. The local average market time from listing to closing is 136 days (as per NEOHREX MLS service). 

"Auctions are a  fast way to market your property then move it along if you need to move away due to a sudden relocation or job transfer." Crist says. "And if it is too much trouble to take along your furniture, appliances and machinery, we can auction it all off at once."  

More importantly, clients say that Crist is "easy to work with, a team player, a hard-working professional, well organized, and always on time."  References call Crist "an honest man whose word is good." 

Whether you are looking to buy or sell conventionally or through an auction, you can trust Crist to help you achieve your real estate goals.


A Letter of Recommendation:

"We would like to take the opportunity to recommend Crist Miller, Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent of MB Realty, for the outstanding auction held on our behalf in Windham, Ohio.

We appreciate the level of integrity in which Crist conducted the auction. The whole auction team was hardworking, considerate and very courteous in preparing for auction day. We could not have done it without the whole team.

We believe the support and direction we received from Crist and his team provided us with the best outcome in selling the real estate and the chattel on auction day.

We wish for everyone who desires to go through the auction process to have the same excellent experience we had..."

<<A Windham couple>>